Going Mobile

I’ve just upgraded my Lenovo X60 to Edgy Eft. Shortly after I did that, I installed Beryl on my machine using this wonderful guide provided by Uncle Spellbinder.

Once you get it installed (and it’s a lot of fun) you can use the list of keyboard/mouse shortcuts after the jump to get around.

By the way, does anyone know how to configure this so I can use an external monitor rather than (or with) my 12″ laptop LCD? I know that aiglx/beryl has some issues with Xinerama, as in I can’t get it to work, but I’d at least like the option of my display being on a larger, external LCD.

  • General Option
Alt+Mouse wheel Make window translucent/opaque
  • Application Switcher
Alt+Tab switch between windows from current workspace
Ctrl+Alt+Tab switch between windows from all workspaces
  • Scale (Arrange and view all windows)
Bottom-Left (hot corner) All workspaces (clicking a window will zoom it to the front)
Top-right (hot corner) Current workspace
  • Show Desktop (View desktop of current cube face )
Bottom-right (hot corner) Tturns on or off;
  • Rotate cube
Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right Arrow Switch desktops on cube;
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left/Right Arrow Send the active window to the left/right workspace
Ctrl+Alt+Left-click and grab Rotate cube manually
  • Zoom
Super-key+Right-click Zoom in once
Super-key+Mouse wheel up/down Zoom in/out manually
  • Move Window
Alt+Left-click Move window
Ctrl+Shift+Left-click Snap move window (will stick to borders)
  • Resize window
  • Water
Hold Ctrl+Super key and move mouse Your pointer is moving on water (Disabled by default)
Shift-F9 Rain is falling on your screen
  • Blur
Add some blur under transparent windows (will slow down your computer!)
  • Minimize Effect
Animations when creating or closing windows (works also for menu but then you have to select “Unknown”! “Menu” alone doesn’t work)
  • Negative
Super Key+m Inverse color of the screen
Super Key+n Inverse color of the current window
  • Reflection
Add somes textures to decoration (mostly visible when transparent)
  • Screenshot
Super Key+Left Click and grab Take a screenshot of the selected area (picture saved on the desktop)
  • Trail focus
Older windows are more transparent
  • Wobbly
Makes windows, menus,… like chewing-um
  • Brightness and Saturation
Ctrl+Mouse wheel down/up Desaturate/Resaturate (works also for desktop)
Shift+Mouse wheel down/up Less/more Brightness (works also for desktop)
  • Put
Super Key+Keypad 1..9 Quickly place a window on a screen (1=top left, 2=top center,…). On a laptop (i.e if you don’t have a numeric keypad, use Super Key+Fn Key+Virtual Keypad)
Gleaned from here.