I recently published a handy script that allows you to convert a Mac OSX or Apple’s iPod (iPod firmware generated images) to standard .iso files.

You’ll need to have perl installed. Also, you may need to add an additional dependency in the form of a perl zlib module. So, here’s how to install it:
sudo apt-get install libcompress-zlib-perl
cd /usr/bin
sudo wget http://www.blinkenlights.ch/gnupod/dmg2iso.pl

Now, in my Ubuntu install I had to make one change to the dmg2iso.pl script.
sudo gedit dmg2iso.pl
At the very top you should see a line that says ‘#!/usr/local/bin/perl‘. This tells the script where to find perl. On my installation, perl is located in ‘/usr/bin/perl‘. So change that line if you need to.

Now let’s make it excecutable.
sudo chmod 777 dmg2iso.pl
Back to your home directory now.
If you have a .dmg file in your home directory (or any directory) called bloodspell.dmg, and you want to convert it to a .iso file you can type:
dmg2iso.pl bloodspell.dmg bloodspell.iso
The script will take care of the rest.