For the purpose of running awesome business blog, I’ve got a Lenovo x60s laptop, which has a built in Ricoh SD card reader. The card reader works fine under XP (and not so fine under Vista, but that’s another story) but hasn’t been automatically detected by my Ubuntu

Here’s how to get it working, so that it will auto mount any SD card inserted into the slot.

It’s actually quite a simple process. You’ll need to edit one file, adding one short line. The next time you restart your machine, the SD card reader will be functional.

First, we’ll go into the command line (Applications-> Accessories-> Terminal) and make a backup copy of the file we’re going to modify, which is the modules file in the /etc directory.
sudo cp /etc/modules /etc/modules.bak
Now we’re going to edit the file and add one line.
gksu gedit /etc/modules
Tag this on to the end of the file in a new line:
When you restart, you’re card reader will be functional. You’ll see that when you slap an SD card into the reader, it will automount.

But wait, don’t want to have to restart your machine? Go back to the terminal you impatient person and type:
sudo modprobe tifm_sd
That should do the trick.