Ever wanted to print a document of just about any sort to a virtual printer that would then turn it into a PDF? It’s pretty easy to do in Ubuntu, especially if you follow this ArsGeek tips. In fact you’ll need just 5 steps and about as many minutes of your time to set this up.

Step 1. Get cups-pdf installed. Open up a terminal session (or use Synaptic) and type the following:
sudo apt-get install cups-pdf
Step 2. Go to System -> Administration -> Printing and then Printer ->Add Printer.


Step 3. Take a good look at this screen. You won’t have to change anything, but it sure is nice to see. Click the Forward button.


Step 4. Set the Manufacturer to Generic and the Model to PostScript. Click the Forward button.


Step 5. Set the name to something simple and easy to remember, like “LeChicArsGeekPDFPrinterMakerThingy”. Click the Apply button and you are done.


Now you can happily churn out PDFs to share with your friends, family and co-workers.