With an unmodified Vista install, when you click on your little round start button thingy, and then click on the Power button to turn of your pc, your pc doesn’t really turn off. It goes into Vista Sleep. I dislike this and here on ArsGeek I will cover a hack to solve this.


I dislike this on general principle. Especially for dual boot machines. When I tell my computer to turn off, I mean off, not nodding into sleep.

Here’s how you can modify your Vista install to turn your box off.

First go to (ready it’s a long one!) Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options -> Change Plan Settings (this will be below your current power plan) -> Change Advanced Power Settings.


Phew! Wasn’t that fun?

Now that you’re finally where you want to be, let’s make the change. Look for Power Button Use and Lid. Expand that and find Start Menu Power Button. Change this from Sleep to Shut Down.


Click OK and the next time you mouse jam your Vista power button, your computer will do the right thing.