Here’s our Eighth update on our quest to get Jonathon and Ghic Chic to New York ComicCon ‘08.

We did it! Thanks to EVERYONE who contributed, sent well wishes, donated equipment or spent some time spreading the word! And a very special thanks to the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation for matching the funds we’d raised and making this possible!

First, a little background. Jonathon was born with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. he’s spent his life in a wheelchair and although he has the mind of regular 15 year old, he is unable to utilize his body and has difficulty speaking. Jonathon has a wonderful mind and personality trapped inside his body.

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Jonathon’s use of his body is limited to some use of his left hand. As such, he’s enriched his life through the idea of superheroes – people who can literally do anything. His love for superheroes and all that they stand for has helped him through some very rough times, for instance by taking on their persona before and after operations.

Jonathon has a true love for all things superhero. Comics, movies and video games, they have all given him joy and strength and he would like nothing more than to meet the people behind his passion. We’re going to do the best we can to see this dream come true.

Through our paypal button (upper right) we’ve raised $60 $110 $210 $230 $490 $500! $600! $700! $885 $1500! We now have the funds necessary to fly them out to New York. Next we need to raise money for lodging, food and some transportation costs. We’re shooting for $3,000 in funds total.

Thanks to the folks at Neuros Technology for providing Jonathon (and his geek Mom) with a Neuros OSD DVR. They know how much he loves superhero movies!
We’ve reserved hotel rooms – we now have a place to stay less than a half mile from the convention center!

Big news coming soon! We’ve just taken a huge step thanks to some very generous folks. More soon!

huge thanks to Casio, who graciously donated an Exilim EX-Z77 so Jonathon can remember his trip through photographs and video.


We’ve received a number of encouraging emails – thanks to everyone who’s sent thoughts our way!

A big thanks also to SciFiChick and MadMovieGuy for mentioning our story!

To see what we’ll need to get Jonathon to the convention and to read about our mission, have a look here.We’ve been talking to the folks over at BBT magazine, who attended the convention last year. We’ll be talking to them more about advice on going to Comic Con and possibly joining forces.

Jonathon is getting really excited about this event and also sends his thanks to everyone!

Update #2 – Hi folks, thanks to everyone for stopping by. We’ve gotten a few more donations and some kind folks have linked back to us, which I think is great! If you link to this article we’ll link back to you as one way of saying thanks.

Update #3 – We’ve had a number of donations come in which is really great and has pushed our money raised almost up to $500. We’re looking at about $800 in travel costs and about $1800 in lodging. Add to that money for food and other items necessary for the trip and we’re looking at raising a total of $3000 or having some of the big ticket items (room/travel) provided as a donation. $500 that we’ve raised so far is great! That’s 1/4 of the way there in just a few short weeks. Thanks to everyone who’s donated, commented, linked to us or emailed friends about this.

Update #4 – It looks like we’re going to need about $3,000 all told to get Jonathon and Ghic Chic out to New York, into a hotel and able to eat. We’re on our way to that goal!

Update #5 – We’ve go the money needed to fly Jonathon and Ghic Chic out to Florida. Thanks to all who’ve donated so far! Out of $3,000 we’ve raised $700 – leaving $2300 for us to come up with for food, lodging and other things, such as possibly renting an accessible van for transportation around the city.

Update #6 – A big thanks to Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan who’s helped us take a huge stride towards our goal! I’m hoping we can go into the holidays and raise even more funds towards our goal. We’re more than half way there!

Thought Hammer, purveyor of fine board games have provided us with 4 copies of the board game Manhattan to give away! Our contests includes linking back to this post.

Another huge thanks to Casio, who graciously donated an Exilim EX-Z77 so Jonathon can remember his trip through photographs and video.


The folks at ComicCon NY itself have also agreed to give us two tickets for Jonathon and Ghic Chic!

The folks at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art have given Jonathon two tickets to visit when he’s in New York!

Check out SF and Two great sites in their own right, who are bringing a bit of attention to our quest. Also thanks to Don over at!Thanks also to our friends who’ve donated! We’re getting there! Once we collect enough money to send him there, I will create a special announcement on ArsGeek, to mention all the businesses who donated.