In one year I created my online course that resulted in over $100,000 in income. In this article, I’m going to be teaching you five tips for creating your own profitable course.

Top tips on how to create an online course for geeks

Number one is: get to know your people. So my situation after working on one-on-one clients, I saw the same problems with my clients again and again and again. Besides that, everybody in my community had the same problem, and I was so frustrated, wanting to create a solution. It was driving me crazy. What I see a lot of, is people having an idea and then creating a course based on the idea. Most of the time, they are even not talking to their people, so my suggestion for you, is to get on the phone or Skype and ask people, which problem is going on in your industry and you’ll find that the same problem should emerge after you start talking to people in your business.

Number two is: to start really, really small. Your course should be tiny. What I mean by that, is you could create this giant course that’s like six modules which took you bazillion years to create all the content or you could start small, as I did. I had a workbook, and then I had two days of live training which was not pre-recorded.

It was just me, hopping on the live call and teaching people how to do stuff. For me, that was just wonderful, and it lasted only two days. It’s not a lot of stress, and I didn’t make assumptions about what the content would be. The content was created by everybody who jumped on the call.

progress over perfectionNumber three is: perfection is your enemy. I believe that people lose the most money on their courses because of perfections and mostly they never get it done.

Even if you start small, a course takes a lot of work, and if you let perfection come in and start editing and trying to get things perfect, it’s just going to hold you up and sometimes cause that you will never finish the course.

It’s never going to get done if you give in to perfection, so my suggestion is to be familiar that this is just a beta release and you will learn a lot from it.

Number four is: it takes a lot of time that the course is profitable. When I first started my beta round, I was expecting probably over a hundred people. I was thinking this is going to be an overnight success. I reached out personally to 60 people, and I messaged my list of just under a thousand. I had eleven people sign up for my course, so that was my first beta round. I could have given up there and said: “I didn’t get a lot of people.”

I did another three launches after that in the same year, and I noticed some interesting things. I found that more and more people would come as I would launch and I would get some testimonials. I would have videos, and I would tweak based on what people were saying. So just know it takes time, it’s not going to be an overnight success. Maybe, maybe if you’re really lucky but usually the money will come eventually as you grow and develop your course.

Number five is: you’re going to be freaking terrified, but just be okay with that right now. When I did my course, I didn’t sleep the night before because I was so scared. I thought that I was going to be a terrible teacher, that everyone’s going to hate my stuff, they’re going to hate my content, they’re going to ask for refunds, and personally, I’ve just found out something. When I have that intense fear, it means I’m doing good. It means that I’m moving in the right direction because it’s such new territory for me. I’m pushing myself to do something brand new, so it’s a good thing to have that fear.

What else I found is, that fear is going to be there. Every time I launch the course, there was always something I was terrified of doing, and nobody just starts creating courses like: “I’m gonna be the best at this first time.” When you are starting your business out, you are just wondering how to create a course, and that just happen in real life. Just be OK with your fear, and it’s going to happen smoothly.

Conclusion – grab the work and start creating course outline

I’m really excited for you because with this tips you’re going to kill it. I hope you like those tips for creating a profitable online course and if you want to learn more visit LearningRevolution website, to watch two hours long webinar, which goes in a specific detail of what exact tools you can use while you are creating the course.