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We are a bunch of geeks who joined this team with a vision to explore, develop and blog about the field of Technology, Online Business & Marketing, Programming, Computers and more..

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Owner and Editor

ArsGeek, whose real nam is Ben, is the Owner and Editor in Chief of He spends time in his real job as an IT professional for an ivy league university. Evenings he’s with his family. Often he’s working on this site. He enjoys RPGs, computers, gadgets, robots, electronics, OSS, Ubuntu, games (both computer and tabletop), long walks on the beach and learning neat stuff.



Media Editor

Snapper, who’s real name is Jenn has signed on as our Media Editor. She’s here to help us sort through mail, answer requests, dream up new stories and see that we don’t do anything illegal. She’s also the go to person in charge of audio, video and photography at any events we cover, and can often be seen clutching a camera in one hand, camcorder in the other and balancing a voice recorder on her head.



Senior Editor

Cavtroop, whose real name is Scott, is the Senior Editor, a Forum Administrator, and wearer of many hats. In his real life, he is a Systems Engineer for a large Fortune 500 software company, where he is responsible for everything from enterprise networking to security to user support.

He’s also an avid roleplaying gamer (tabletop), with other interests being computer games, and his lovely wife and daughter.



Staff Reporter

Jman is our newest staffer and will be taking on the duties of Staff Reporter. When Jonathon is not covering events for ArsGeek, he can be found in front of his PlayStation conquering the world.

Ghic Chic

Ghic Chic

Senior & Media Editor

Ghic Chic , aka by her family and friends as “Dawn” or “whatsherface” is a Senior Editor with ArsGeek.. If she’s not nestled in front of console playing an adventure or RPG game, she could be found at someone else’s house nestled by a console playing the latest adventure or RPG game. When caught, she goes to work and does “stuff”. Complicated stuff. Stuff that is so involved that she doesn’t even know what it is.

She is currently writing about herself in the third person and this makes her feel very uncomfortable. HOWEVER if you ever need online marketing advice, computer whispering advice, business advice, friendship advice or advice on how to shell out advice, she’s your go to gal. I mean… I’m your go to gal.

I’m so confused.