How I got rid of fake Twitter followers

Twitter is one of the biggest online social media platforms for networking and increases in the number of people every day who join this social media, has led to increase of fake followers. Before I even started, I did a quick search on Google and found this great guide on how to remove followers from Twitter. I had like 200 followers which I was able to cut down to only 15 using the tactics I described further down below.

after follower cleanup on Twitter

Fake followers in your account expose you to phishing or spam and may put you at risk for having your account deleted and this was the main reason I decided to to that.

Instructions for blocking follower on Twitter

how to block Twitter followersa. Log in to your Twitter account.
b. After your account opens, click on your follower tabs.
c. Find fake followers you want to block on your twitter account.
d. To the left, there is a gear icon click on it.
e. After it opens, select the 5th option from the top (block or report) and click on block.
f. Pick the reason you are blocking from the account.
g. At the bottom, you will find a notification – Congrats! You’ve blocked one fake follower.

And if hate to do it manually, I have to tell you; there are also tools for blocking fake followers on a larger scale. Some are paid while the others are totally free.

Custom tools for removing fake followers

One of them is Fakers app. This tool allows users to see how many empty or fake accounts are following you. You are supposed to authorise the app to access your Twitter account, and after a few minutes, you will be able to see your follower report.

Second is Fake follower app. This is a free app that checks a random sample of 100 of your followers against a list of criteria. The account will be defined as inactive if it has not tweeted in the past 90 days.

The third option is Twitter audit app. This app takes a sample of about 1500 followers from your account and then assign a score to each member on the ratio of followers to following the number of tweets and date of the last tweet from your account.

My 2 cents on Twitter cleanup

I used a custom script to do that, while I suggest to pick your favourite from one of these three tools. If I would have zero experience with programming I would probably go with the second option, which also have a cool feature to remove the blacklisted followers automatically. Shout out your favourite solution in the comments below!


5 steps to creating an online course for geeks

In one year I created my online course that resulted in over $100,000 in income. In this article, I’m going to be teaching you five tips for creating your own profitable course.

Top tips on how to create an online course for geeks

Number one is: get to know your people. So my situation after working on one-on-one clients, I saw the same problems with my clients again and again and again. Besides that, everybody in my community had the same problem, and I was so frustrated, wanting to create a solution. It was driving me crazy. What I see a lot of, is people having an idea and then creating a course based on the idea. Most of the time, they are even not talking to their people, so my suggestion for you, is to get on the phone or Skype and ask people, which problem is going on in your industry and you’ll find that the same problem should emerge after you start talking to people in your business.

Number two is: to start really, really small. Your course should be tiny. What I mean by that, is you could create this giant course that’s like six modules which took you bazillion years to create all the content or you could start small, as I did. I had a workbook, and then I had two days of live training which was not pre-recorded.

It was just me, hopping on the live call and teaching people how to do stuff. For me, that was just wonderful, and it lasted only two days. It’s not a lot of stress, and I didn’t make assumptions about what the content would be. The content was created by everybody who jumped on the call.

progress over perfectionNumber three is: perfection is your enemy. I believe that people lose the most money on their courses because of perfections and mostly they never get it done.

Even if you start small, a course takes a lot of work, and if you let perfection come in and start editing and trying to get things perfect, it’s just going to hold you up and sometimes cause that you will never finish the course.

It’s never going to get done if you give in to perfection, so my suggestion is to be familiar that this is just a beta release and you will learn a lot from it.

Number four is: it takes a lot of time that the course is profitable. When I first started my beta round, I was expecting probably over a hundred people. I was thinking this is going to be an overnight success. I reached out personally to 60 people, and I messaged my list of just under a thousand. I had eleven people sign up for my course, so that was my first beta round. I could have given up there and said: “I didn’t get a lot of people.”

I did another three launches after that in the same year, and I noticed some interesting things. I found that more and more people would come as I would launch and I would get some testimonials. I would have videos, and I would tweak based on what people were saying. So just know it takes time, it’s not going to be an overnight success. Maybe, maybe if you’re really lucky but usually the money will come eventually as you grow and develop your course.

Number five is: you’re going to be freaking terrified, but just be okay with that right now. When I did my course, I didn’t sleep the night before because I was so scared. I thought that I was going to be a terrible teacher, that everyone’s going to hate my stuff, they’re going to hate my content, they’re going to ask for refunds, and personally, I’ve just found out something. When I have that intense fear, it means I’m doing good. It means that I’m moving in the right direction because it’s such new territory for me. I’m pushing myself to do something brand new, so it’s a good thing to have that fear.

What else I found is, that fear is going to be there. Every time I launch the course, there was always something I was terrified of doing, and nobody just starts creating courses like: “I’m gonna be the best at this first time.” When you are starting your business out, you are just wondering how to create a course, and that just happen in real life. Just be OK with your fear, and it’s going to happen smoothly.

Conclusion – grab the work and start creating course outline

I’m really excited for you because with this tips you’re going to kill it. I hope you like those tips for creating a profitable online course and if you want to learn more visit LearningRevolution website, to watch two hours long webinar, which goes in a specific detail of what exact tools you can use while you are creating the course.


Linux and Flash – cut the crap already!

Linux and Flash - cut the crap already!Look, Adobe, can we please get with the times and start making a product that works on Linux? Please? It’s getting closer to 2010 and we’re still missing flying cars, meals in pills and a flash player that actually works most of the time. You see that? I’d even settle for most of the time right now. The sad truth is, Flash locks up on my current Ubuntu install, with the latest Flash release and it happens all the time.

Why on Earth should my modern browsers (Firefox, Opera) still freeze up on every third embedded video I try to play? Business websites are rendered ugly as hell because Flash just doesn’t know what to do with them. You do realize that by hindering a portion of today’s web browsing consumers you’re eventually affecting your own bottom line, right? Even a small portion who can’t do the things that web developers, web store owners and viral marketing execs expect them to do can be significant if it impacts delivery and sales.

For those who aren’t employed by Adobe. Yeah, I think that Flash sites are not the way to go, even with Google’s revelation that Flash can now be indexed. The truth of the matter is Flash is here and it’s probably here to stay so we need Adobe to please swallow whatever bitter pill they’re fumbling around with and just get a working version out to all of us in Linuxland so we can watch cats attack string on YouTube or whatever it is we’re wanting to do online. Okay? I know of lots of local, small sites like restaurants and small brick and mortar shops who have Flash front ends on their sites. And you know what? It stinks not being able to patronize them – for them and for me.

We need a working Flash. Let’s hope 10 does a much better job of it than 9. Until then, I’ll be taking my own petty mental revenge by referring to this monstrosity of a rich media crap fest as ‘flunk’ using my inside voice. No, that won’t fix anything but at least it will get that grimace on my face into a twisted smile as I kill and restart my browser yet again.


10 things I’ve overheard about my Linux laptop while on public transportation

10 things I’ve overheard about my Linux laptop while on public transportation I’ve been taking the train to work for 4 years now. It’s a 45 minute rambling ride in which I usually either read a business book, write some tech blog post for ArsGeek, sleep, or grab my laptop loaded up with Ubuntu and get some stuff done. Over time, I’ve collected a few funny remarks I’ve either over heard, or that people have said directly to me. Here are the 10 best.

  1. That’s not windows, it’s a Mac! (One teenager to another).
  2. Where’s the start button? (Asked directly to me on a train).
  3. Random middle manager 1: He must be in Marketing, he’s making a new picture! Random middle manager 2: I don’t know, look how he’s dressed. (While using gimp).
  4. Don’t turn your computer on Bill – that guy can look into it! (two business men).
  5. You’ve got to work in IT. (said directly to me).
  6. (Whispered)How did he get Vista early? (Two teens).
  7. Yeah, I’m surrounded by yuppies, kids, drones and two guys using Linux. (Someone on a cell phone).
  8. What the hell is that? (Pointing to my screen -followed by a 15 minute conversation about computers).
  9. Can you game on it? (Guy with a Sony VAIO running Vista. He wasn’t impressed by Moria).
  10. They stole that spinning cube thing from a Mac! (Two mac users sitting next to me).

Avatars United. Where your MMO selves go to hang out

Avatars United. Where your MMO selves go to hang outJust about all of us have played MMOs or been involved in some sort of virtual world like Second Life. You play in these worlds for a year or two, meet some interesting people, upgrade your system and then wander off to the newest and shiniest MMO to come out. What about those friends you’ve left behind though? How will they find you in your latest incarnation? If of course, you want to be found.

If you do want to be found, you’re going to want to go check out Avatars United featured by ArsGeek reviews.

Avatars United is a combination of social website, friend finder and virtual identity storage. Here you can upload images of your avatars from numerous online environments, organize them, designate one avatar as your primary avatar and write a bit of biographical information. You can also create groups and join like minded folks from the same MMO and server. In their own words:

Avatars United was initiated in 2007 by a group of childhood friends sharing a common passion for immersive online worlds. The project is built in recognition of the fact that strong bonds and close friendships actually can be tied within virtual spaces and has furthermore gone one step further in recognizing virtual personas as personas in their own right by building a community for avatars only. As such, Avatars United is a free community website bringing avatars from all online worlds together.

Contrary to commonly held beliefs we think gaming is a social phenomenon and are hoping that Avatars United will prove us right. By and large, we felt that the “out of game” social aspect of online games had been neglected. With tools to communicate with, find and track old virtual friends and share experiences from virtual realms Avatars United wishes to stand out as a community highlighting the social aspect of life within virtual worlds.

avatars united screenshot

Think on this. If you’ve got some buddies past from Everquest who you’d love to coax into playing WoW with you, but you can’t find them, how would you do that? Facebook? A Google search and a desperate hope that they posted to some obscure forum somewhere under their Avatar’s name in the correct game? If persistent virtual worlds are going to stick around, a service like Avatars United could come in awfully handy. Now in beta, this is a great time to stop by and create an account. Not only can you say 10 years from now “I was in on the beta of Avatars United” but you can also offer helpful comments and ideas to shape this into a community you’d love to hang out at.

avatars united screenshot 2
I recently shot a few questions off to Thor Olof Philogène, the CEO of Enemy Unknown (with digs for coolest company name I’ve come across this month) who are the corporate masters of Avatars United.

ArsGeek: Lots of people come up with ideas for the next big thing – or even the next cool thing on the internet. What made you and the other developers of Avatars United decide to follow through with these ideas and create Avatars United?

Thor: Though we obviously believe in the potential of Avatars United we never designed it to be “the next big thing”.* *More than anything else, we built Avatars United to provide a toolset we ourselves would have used. Great friendships are tied within virtual spaces yet we felt there was a lack of a single tool to help keep track and share experiences with them.

ArsGeek: Computers and people have long been on a convergent path – computers are becoming more pervasive and the number of people using them to connect to persistent online worlds is growing rapidly. What’s Avatars United’s role in this convergence?

Thor: One of the many results of this convergence between computers and people has been the creation of virtual identities within persistent online worlds. By building a community for avatars only, Avatars United has gone one step further in recognizing these virtual identities as personas in their own right. Most people have different identities within different social settings and most often have different nicknames within the family, at work and with their friends. Avatars United’s role is that of a social tool for your virtual identity.

ArsGeek: Where do you see Avatars United in 5 years?

Thor: 5 years is a long period of time in Internet years. It is however fair to assume that over such a long period of time synthetic worlds will become even more mainstream and that massive amounts of users will have migrated to new online worlds.

With those changes Avatars United will hopefully still be around in the shape of a community driven, much more flexible of use enhanced social tool for virtual identities.

ArsGeek: Do you plan on encouraging Avatars United affiliations in persistent online worlds, such as sites in Second Life or Guilds on any MMORPGS?

Thor: Yes, as long as it is community driven. As a matter of fact we encourage anyone wanting to get involved with Avatars United to contact us.

ArsGeek: Lets get old school for this one. What are some highlights from your video game past? Which titles got you into gaming in the first place and why?

Thor: Tough one, I would have to pick one title for each era though.

· Defender of the Crown (C64)

· Railroad Tycoon for (Amiga)

· X-Com series ( early 90s PC)

As I see it all these three games are precursors of their era in terms of gaming experiences. What they brought with them no one had previously offered before.

A side note would be that I actually discovered these games a long time ago with the very same people that I now work with on Avatars United today.

ArsGeek: Any thoughts on including or creating a sister site to highlight pen and paper games (classic RPGs) and using it as a resource for RPGers to find old friends and meet new ones?

Thor: Ideas like that are great! Hopefully when we have finished improving our current site and move away from the beta testing stage we will be able to jump onto projects like that. Again we wish to encourage people with ideas and motivation to contact us for any such project.

avatars united logo


Google experimenting with search boxes within a search

Now with Google you can find search boxes – or at least search box – within a search! It’s currently only working (so it seems) with some major players but searching for Amazon returns the expected result with a bonus. While I was doing some research for ArsGeek business partners I noticed this: under the highest ranking return, is another search box.


Searching within this included search box yields results from itself directly. So a search for the term Stardust got me this:


What Google doesn’t seem to realize are the implications of endless searches within searches, which if used maliciously could theoretically lead to the implosion of the web as we know it and a possible Singularity state, where the internet through billions of iterative searches becomes self aware and all absorbing.

Careful Google, please!